As new business opportunities emerge in the country in addition to the development and expansion of existing enterprises, Philippine tax laws, rules and regulations have likewise continued to evolve. The growing complexities of Philippine taxation have called for expert advice from specialists in the field to ensure tax compliance and efficiency. The Firm proudly houses an elite group of technically sophisticated and innovative tax advisors, led by Ma. Elizabeth E. Peralta-Loriega, to provide competent, creative and business-oriented tax support that is an integral part of almost every commercial venture.

Keeping our clients’ objectives at the forefront, our tax team takes a practical approach in identifying, analyzing and implementing the most effective tax strategies available to address all forms of tax concerns. We work closely with our clients to navigate them through the multifaceted and interconnected tax issues.

The Firm has extensive experience in dealing with the wide-range of government agencies that play a role in the nation’s tax field, which includes the Department of Finance, the Bureau of Internal Revenue, the Bureau of Customs, the Board of Investments as well as the various local government units. Combining substantive tax expertise with litigation experience, the Firm likewise represents our clients in tax litigation cases from the administrative level and regional trial courts up to the Court of Tax Appeals and the Supreme Court of the Philippines.

The Firm’s integrated tax practice includes the following service areas:

Transactional Tax

Keeping in mind the uniqueness of every commercial transaction, the tax team is integrated with every deal team to structure and support the clients’ business objectives in a tax-efficient manner. Backed by extensive experience in a wide array of transactions, domestic and cross-border, the Firm thoroughly addresses tax matters associated with each transaction with a big-picture approach to arrive at the clients’ goals through practical and tax-efficient means.

The Firm’s transactional tax practice includes advice on corporate reorganizations, corporate restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, joint ventures and strategic financing structures.

Investment Advisory

With the rising number of investment opportunities in the country, our tax team assists potential investors analyze and strategize the most tax-efficient options to enter the Philippine market. Working with the Firm’s other practice areas, the tax team likewise assists with industry-specific tax issues as required by the clients’ investment objectives.

International Tax

With the emergence of today’s global economy, the Firm recognizes the interconnection of business ventures across multiple jurisdictions. The tax team advises on potential tax risks and tax issues surrounding multinational presence. The team likewise assists with tax treaty-related matters, which includes the securing of a tax treaty relief application with the tax authorities.

Tax Controversy

The Firm represents the clients from the very beginning of a tax controversy at the administrative level. The tax team assists and negotiates the scope of an audit investigation, and works closely with the clients’ teams to formulate effective strategies and draft position papers and protests. The Firm’s experience in representing the BIR and local government unites in administrative proceedings allows it to maintain open communications to negotiating unique resolutions to the extent possible. At the judicial level, the Firm has successfully represented clients at every stage of a potential tax controversy, from the regional trial courts to the Court of Tax Appeals and the Supreme Court.

Estate Planning

The Firm also caters to non-corporate concerns, particularly in the field of family wealth management and planning. The tax team provides a study of the clients’ estates and after a thorough analysis of available strategies and options, tailor fits the most-tax efficient estate plan to suit the clients’ concerns.

Tax Due Diligence Review

The Firm provides a comprehensive tax due diligence review for a prospective investor, with an analysis of potential risks and tax exposures of a target company in order to assist the client to arrive at the optimal value for its investment.

Transfer Pricing Services

With the recent issuance of transfer pricing regulations, the Firm provides an analysis of the clients’ existing inter-company pricing policies against a thorough study of transfer pricing methods in related industries.

General Advisory Services

In addition to the specialized service areas, the Firm offers technically sound, practical and expert advice on a wide array of tax issues associated to all the corners of clients’ concerns, with the end in mind to maximize the efficiency of clients’ tax position.

PunoLaw’s Taxation Practice is led by Senior Partner MA. ELIZABETH E. PERALTA-LORIEGA, a renowned tax law professor and expert sought by all the clients of Firm.