Power, Electric Utilities and Energy

Power, utilities and energy have collectively evolved as the most dynamic industry over the past few decades in the Philippines having undergone major changes and transformation. Given the multifarious nature of this important sector, Philippine Congress and national government agencies have passed and issued numerous and far-reaching Philippine energy laws, rules and regulations to address the continuing development and complexity of the industry.

Along with this evolution, the corresponding legal matters and issues in the power, utilities and energy industry have become exponentially more complicated. Business ventures that engage in the exploration, development, production, storage, marketing, transporting and processing of energy resources for power generation are arguably one of the most capital intensive activities in the world. Power, utility and energy transactions involve high risks necessitating proficient and masterful counseling. The rapid growth and expansion of the power, utilities and energy sector has immensely contributed to the aggregate development of the Philippine economy.

PunoLaw has been at the forefront of this important legal practice and continues its dominance and unrivalled reputation for over 30 years. PunoLaw enjoys a successful track record having been part of the most important milestones in the Philippine energy sector such as the drafting and passage of Republic Act No. 9136, otherwise known as the “Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001” and the rules and regulations implementing Republic Act No. 9513, otherwise known as the Renewable Energy Act of 2008.” Its success in this industry is borne by its lawyers’ mastery of the specific legal issues and the broad-based legal, commercial and technical perspective of the projects they have managed. .

The Upstream Sector – Energy Resources Development

As a result of its unwavering dedication to exceed the expectations of its clients, PunoLaw has been the primary counsel of choice of upstream energy developers for their exploration, development and utilization of indigenous energy resources in the Philippines, including petroleum (oil and gas), coal, biomass, geothermal, solar, hydro and wind. PunoLaw has provided extensive legal guide and advice in various aspects covering this sector such as the review of petroleum and renewable energy service contracts awarded by the Philippine Department of Energy and the attendant fiscal and non-fiscal incentives applicable to these contracts.

The Midstream Sector – Power and Utilities

PunoLaw has played key roles in different capacities in the most significant power projects developed, privatized, acquired and financed to date in the Philippines such as the 1500 MW Natural Gas-fired Power Plant of First Gen Power Corporation and First Gen Power, 150 MW Burgos Wind Farm of Energy Development Corporation, 132 MW Solar Farm Projects of Equis Fund and Soleq Philippines, 360 MW Magat Hydroelectric Power Plant of SN Aboitiz Power Corporation, 1,200 MW Sual Power Station and 735 MW Pagbilao Power Station of TeaM Energy, the joint venture between Tokyo Electric and Marubeni and Marubeni, among others.

PunoLaw has also counseled the largest distribution utilities, including Manila Electric Company and Visayan Electric Cooperative, and numerous electric cooperatives, in the Philippines, in their various projects, regulatory issues and legal requirements.

The Downstream Sector – Transportation, Distribution and Electricity Prices

PunoLaw has acted as counsel to different power and energy clients involved in the perennial socio-political issue of downstream oil and gas and transportation sector. With all their economic, political and social ramifications, oil, gas and electricity prices in the Philippines have reasserted themselves at the core of Philippine consumer debates. Along this line, PunoLaw has actively represented many clients in their applications for regulatory approvals of power supply agreements and monitoring rules and regulations affecting prices for oil and bioethanol.

PunoLaw’s Power, Utilities and Energy Law Practice is headed by renowned and well respected legal experts, Senior Partners Roderico V. Puno, Jose M. Layug, Jr. and Julito R. Sarmiento. Their opinion has been repeatedly sought by various government agencies and lawmakers in helping shape the level of sophistication of the Philippine energy industry.

PunoLaw’s Power, Electric Utilities and Energy Practice is headed by well respected legal experts, Senior Partners RODERICO V. PUNO and JULITO R. SARMIENTO.  In addition, the views and opinion of Senior Partner JOSE M. LAYUG, JR., a former Undersecretary of the Philippine Department of Energy, have been repeatedly sought by various government agencies and lawmakers in helping shape the level of sophistication of the Philippine power and energy industry.