Family Law

Founded by Justice Ricardo Puno, a recognized authority in civil law, the firm has built a solid reputation in the practice of family law since 1984. Our founding partner Justice Puno served as Co-Chairman of the Civil Code Revision Committee that drafted the New Family Code of the Philippines. Since the New Family Code took effect in 1988, Justice Puno has been a sought-after speaker and lecturer in countless prestigious fora, including the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, the Judicial Philippine Academy of the Supreme Court and the University of the Philippines Law Center. He has also appeared on several occasions before the Supreme Court en banc to discuss complex Family Law issues as amicus curiae.

Justice Puno co-authored the book “An Outline of Philippine Civil Law” together with another renowned expert in civil law, the late SC Justice Jose B. L. Reyes, has occupied various teaching positions in the country’s leading law schools and has been a Bar Reviewer in Civil Law and a Professor of Civil Law, Political Law and Remedial Law.

Justice Puno has been actively involved in our Family Law practice by supervising and training our lawyers in the Family Law practice. Atty. Rosella Puno Mapa, trained to the highest legal standards under the guidance of Justice Puno, heads and supervises the Family Law practice of the firm.


Adhering to the tradition of excellence set by our founder, the firm continues to provide the best legal representation in the practice of Family Law to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. We specialize in family law cases involving ante-nuptial agreements, annulment of marriage, declaration of nullity of marriage, legal separation, spousal and child support, guardianship, adoption, separation of properties, wills, succession, and estate planning.


Our reputation in the practice of Family Law has been built on a careful balance of empathy and strong legal expertise. Whether the client needs assistance in amicable methods of settlement in matters legally permitted to be subjects of compromise or vigorous negotiation and assertive representation in highly adversarial cases, we are equipped with experience and cutting-edge solutions to protect our client’s interests.